Wild Dog - Okavango Delta - Moremi N.P.

A Scenic and Wildlife Rich Area

If you are visiting Khwai in Northern Botswana, you will certainly enjoy the luxury of game drives, bush and nature walks and of course gliding down water channels in a traditional mokoro.

The highlight is that this area is one of the most scenic and wildlife rich areas of the Okavango Delta.

One of The Best Game Viewing Areas in Botswana

Khwai is a village on the north bank of the Khwai River in the north-west district of Botswana, the Khwai River also forms the northern boundary of the Moremi Game Reserve. The village is just outside the north gate of the reserve, which is on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta.


Leopard (Panthera pardus) in the Khwai River region of northern Botswana, Africa.

Khwai Village and Community

This remarkable and pristine area is renowned for not only its abundance of both fauna and flora but also the Khwai village on the north bank of the Khwai River.

The Khwai community, adjacent to the northern region of Moremi Game Reserve, has a population of just 400 people who are predominately of either BaBukakhwe or River Bushmen descent and brings about the perfect blend of local culture living in harmony with wildlife and preserving the Botswana heritage for future generations.

This area forming the northern boundary of the Moremi Game Reserve and eastern side of the world famous Moremi game reserve and the Okavango Delta is undoubtedly the perfect destination for the perfect safari.

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